Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cyber Language

Have you ever used this language in you daily life?

What is this language?
  •  This language is Cyber Language. Or in other words it also known as Netspeak. 
  •  Cyber Language is the language of cyberspace, or the realm of electronic communication.

 Briefly about Cyber Language

Where does this Cyber Language commonly used?
It is commonly used in electronic mail; Internet chat rooms, which allow computer users to communicate with each other in real time; and in text messages sent between cellular phones using the short message service, or SMS. 
Examples of Cyber Language
Examples for Abbreviations
 Examples of acronyms

  • contains abbreviations, acronyms, variations on words -- which may include common prefixes, suffices or blends -- and graphical icons, known as avatars.
  • more examples about cyber language
Smiley is also one of examples of cyber language.  Smileys are a strange and fun Internet phenomenon, more correctly known as emoticons, which have the purpose of conveying emotion. They are used particularly in online chat rooms and in e-mails.

Cyber communication, is it a problem, or does it represent progress? This both sides had been discussed, and have come to the conclusion that it depends on the user. If one uses cyber communication in moderation and for the correct reasons, it poses no threat, and can be an unbelievably efficient and useful tool. However, if used incorrectly, cyber communication can have negatives lifelong effects.
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