Sunday, April 15, 2012

Virtual Learning vs E-Learning

 Virtual Learning

Here are the examples of virtual learning. Just click this link and there has a lot of information about virtual learning examples.


Examples and more information about e-learning:


Example of Electronic Campus

Louisianna Electronic Campus

A summary of online education
  •  can help all people from all walks of like gain the education they want to better themselves or to advance in the career they already have.
  •  Online education offers many benefits and few pitfalls when compared to the more traditional 'classroom' approach but you should carefully consider your options before jumping in.
  • There are costs associated with virtually all online education courses but these are usually little more than the costs to study at a college and when you consider that there are no travelling expenses and no extra living costs, you may find online education to be a much more financially viable options.


In this new era, this learning had been implement in our country especially in institution educational such as University Malaya, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia and many mores. It is very good way of learning but there still has the cons, like example when the students can't afford to have their own internet service and therefore those students will have difficulties to online learning. How about you guys? What is your opinion about this learning and Electronic Campus?



z e a l o t said...

e-learning. useful and paper less. but remember, how good the new method being introduced, without study, everything is useless.

izzatsafwan said...

From my point of view, e-learning is a good method that need to be used in the college because of nowadays people are up to date with technologies. Like example if i want to find more information about my assignment i can refer the information using online learning that had being implement by e-learning.

Yasmin Zainal said...

Both method are interesting. But E-learning is the more easier ways for a student to study where ever and when ever they are

muhammad haziq said...

in my opinion, the e-learning system are useful in order to help the students and make their student life become easier because it will help them to gain knowledge anytime anywhere. in my college, we're also have the e-learning system but yet, the lecturer and student did not use it often. it just a medium for lecturer to pass the notes and tasks meanwhile, the system can help the students to gain knowledge from the lecturer through this system. so, this system should be implemented to all educational institution either in university, college or school.

Anonymous said...

From my point of view, electronic campus is a good for students especially for me . Because in my college we also got implement this electronic campus such as if we want to register our subject course we just need to go to our college portal and register it. Its easy for me and I do not need to go back early just to register my subject course manually.

dieya said...

thanks to all that comment this entry.yes, i afree with muhammad haziq that this system should be implement more in our college. there are few lecturers that implement this system and for me its good but it will be more better if all the lecturers implement this system. so it will be more productive and innovative.:)