Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cyber Language

Have you ever used this language in you daily life?

What is this language?
  •  This language is Cyber Language. Or in other words it also known as Netspeak. 
  •  Cyber Language is the language of cyberspace, or the realm of electronic communication.

 Briefly about Cyber Language

Where does this Cyber Language commonly used?
It is commonly used in electronic mail; Internet chat rooms, which allow computer users to communicate with each other in real time; and in text messages sent between cellular phones using the short message service, or SMS. 
Examples of Cyber Language
Examples for Abbreviations
 Examples of acronyms

  • contains abbreviations, acronyms, variations on words -- which may include common prefixes, suffices or blends -- and graphical icons, known as avatars.
  • more examples about cyber language
Smiley is also one of examples of cyber language.  Smileys are a strange and fun Internet phenomenon, more correctly known as emoticons, which have the purpose of conveying emotion. They are used particularly in online chat rooms and in e-mails.

Cyber communication, is it a problem, or does it represent progress? This both sides had been discussed, and have come to the conclusion that it depends on the user. If one uses cyber communication in moderation and for the correct reasons, it poses no threat, and can be an unbelievably efficient and useful tool. However, if used incorrectly, cyber communication can have negatives lifelong effects.
For more info about this you can refer to


Monday, April 16, 2012

Social networking

Do you used social networking sites? Hear some people from London said about social networking.:)

What is Social Networking?
  • is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision.
Why do people use social networking?  
  • Helping people connect
        -can get in touch with old friends and make new ones.
      -track down old friends and colleagues. 
  • Collaborating at Work
      -User can connect with other people who work for the same company, or in the same industry. 
      - Both businesses and individuals use social networking for marketing purposes.
Advantage of Social Networking
-can share same interest.
eg: if i like baking, i may find friends that love baking so that i can share receipe.
-provides new tool to reach students and audiences.
eg: people who does not respond to phone call , we can just connect by social network.
Disadvantage of Social Networking
-viruses and Malware- Users may be convinced to give personal details such as Social Security numbers,employment details and so on. 
 -It’s far too easy for predators to find victims using online social networking.

Example of social networking

        Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr had become famous social networking. People are addicted to the social networking. Everywhere they go, they will access to the social networking. As for me, this social networking is good on some point but it can carry us away if we too addicted with social network. Do you agree with me? or you have your own opinion?



Asynchronous n Synchronous

 Synchronous? Asynchronous? What's that????

  What is Synchronous?  
  •  Enable real-time communication and collaboration in a "same time-different place" mode. These tools allow people to connect at a single point in time, at the same time.
  • Example, visual images, video conferencing, audio conferencing and text conferencing. 
The Advantage 
  • Being able to engage people instantly and at the same point in time. 
The Drawback
  • They require same-time participation -different time zones and conflicting schedules can create communication challenges. In addition, they tend to be costly and may require significant bandwidth to be efficient.
What is Asynchronous?
  • Enable communication and collaboration over a period of time through a "different time-different place" mode. These tools allow people to connect together at each person's own convenience and own schedule. 
  • Example of Asynchronous is forum, blog and email.
The Advantage
  • Being able to involve people from multiple time zones. In addition, asynchronous tools are helpful in capturing the history of the interactions of a group, allowing for collective knowledge to be more easily shared and distributed.
The Drawback 
  • They require some discipline to use when used for ongoing communities of practice (e.g., people typically must take the initiative to "login" to participate) and they may feel "impersonal" to those who prefer higher-touch synchronous technologies.

Both of the learning has their own pros and cons. Synchronous is good for dialogue and discussion but it will be costly especially when international participation is involved. While for Asynchronous it is good for dialogue that takes place over period of time but the problem is it will be take long time to arrive at discussions or conclusion. It depends to individual to follow which learning that they prefer because different people different thinking, and different thinking different style of living.

Browsing Strategies

Do you know what is web?

The web is a worldwide resource of information.
What is the reason people use web?
People use the Web is to search for specific information, including text, pictures, music and video.
There are tools that needed to surf at the web
  •            Computer with a web browser application installed
  •                Modem and/or NIC (network interface card) 
  •                ISP (internet service provider) 
 Web browser? Modem?  ISP? 

Do you know what does all this tool mean? Let me explain more detail about it.:) 
Web master
is a hardware software program used to access the World Wide Web. A browser retrieves data from remote web servers and displays a web page.
 Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
Modem /NIC (Network Interface Card)
  • A device or program that enables a computer to transmit data over analogue telephone lines. Computer information is stored digitally, whereas information transmitted over telephone lines is transmitted in the form of analogue waves.
  NIC (Network Interface Card)
  •           The software hardware device that connects your computer to a network.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  •       connects to its customers using a data transmission technology appropriate for delivering Internet Protocol datagrams, such as dial-up, DSL, cable modem, wireless .
  •          provide Internet e-mail accounts to users which allow them to communicate with one another by sending and receiving electronic messages through their ISP's servers.
  •          examples; TM Net, P1W1Max, Celcom, Maxis
         Yes, we have web browser, modem , ISP and NIC  for the tools to surf the web. Now even inside the update handphone we can surf the web. Or other words smartphone that also had android in it we can use to surf the web. Have you ever used one of this tools? If we don't have this tools what will happe?


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Virtual Learning vs E-Learning

 Virtual Learning

Here are the examples of virtual learning. Just click this link and there has a lot of information about virtual learning examples.


Examples and more information about e-learning:


Example of Electronic Campus

Louisianna Electronic Campus

A summary of online education
  •  can help all people from all walks of like gain the education they want to better themselves or to advance in the career they already have.
  •  Online education offers many benefits and few pitfalls when compared to the more traditional 'classroom' approach but you should carefully consider your options before jumping in.
  • There are costs associated with virtually all online education courses but these are usually little more than the costs to study at a college and when you consider that there are no travelling expenses and no extra living costs, you may find online education to be a much more financially viable options.


In this new era, this learning had been implement in our country especially in institution educational such as University Malaya, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia and many mores. It is very good way of learning but there still has the cons, like example when the students can't afford to have their own internet service and therefore those students will have difficulties to online learning. How about you guys? What is your opinion about this learning and Electronic Campus?