Monday, April 16, 2012

Asynchronous n Synchronous

 Synchronous? Asynchronous? What's that????

  What is Synchronous?  
  •  Enable real-time communication and collaboration in a "same time-different place" mode. These tools allow people to connect at a single point in time, at the same time.
  • Example, visual images, video conferencing, audio conferencing and text conferencing. 
The Advantage 
  • Being able to engage people instantly and at the same point in time. 
The Drawback
  • They require same-time participation -different time zones and conflicting schedules can create communication challenges. In addition, they tend to be costly and may require significant bandwidth to be efficient.
What is Asynchronous?
  • Enable communication and collaboration over a period of time through a "different time-different place" mode. These tools allow people to connect together at each person's own convenience and own schedule. 
  • Example of Asynchronous is forum, blog and email.
The Advantage
  • Being able to involve people from multiple time zones. In addition, asynchronous tools are helpful in capturing the history of the interactions of a group, allowing for collective knowledge to be more easily shared and distributed.
The Drawback 
  • They require some discipline to use when used for ongoing communities of practice (e.g., people typically must take the initiative to "login" to participate) and they may feel "impersonal" to those who prefer higher-touch synchronous technologies.

Both of the learning has their own pros and cons. Synchronous is good for dialogue and discussion but it will be costly especially when international participation is involved. While for Asynchronous it is good for dialogue that takes place over period of time but the problem is it will be take long time to arrive at discussions or conclusion. It depends to individual to follow which learning that they prefer because different people different thinking, and different thinking different style of living.

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Anonymous said...

As for me, both learning has their pros and cons. Sometimes I like synchronous learning sometimes i like asynchronous. Like example synchronous tool is chat right? Chat is for share the information of some light issues but somehow is not really give good effect because it allows you just to type whats the info that want to share n for me sometimes it will be much better if i can learn face to face with someone.