Monday, April 16, 2012

Social networking

Do you used social networking sites? Hear some people from London said about social networking.:)

What is Social Networking?
  • is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision.
Why do people use social networking?  
  • Helping people connect
        -can get in touch with old friends and make new ones.
      -track down old friends and colleagues. 
  • Collaborating at Work
      -User can connect with other people who work for the same company, or in the same industry. 
      - Both businesses and individuals use social networking for marketing purposes.
Advantage of Social Networking
-can share same interest.
eg: if i like baking, i may find friends that love baking so that i can share receipe.
-provides new tool to reach students and audiences.
eg: people who does not respond to phone call , we can just connect by social network.
Disadvantage of Social Networking
-viruses and Malware- Users may be convinced to give personal details such as Social Security numbers,employment details and so on. 
 -It’s far too easy for predators to find victims using online social networking.

Example of social networking

        Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr had become famous social networking. People are addicted to the social networking. Everywhere they go, they will access to the social networking. As for me, this social networking is good on some point but it can carry us away if we too addicted with social network. Do you agree with me? or you have your own opinion?




Anonymous said...

It is important for student because student can get more information from lecturer directly but it has the weakness because if the student doesn’t have social networking it being difficult.

dieya said...

thank u anonymous for your opinion. social networking has their pros and cons. it is good to get information but still some people does not have social network because they think social network is not important and they dont want to involve with this technology.